Case Study: detroit influencers






The mission of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau is to market the Detroit metropolitan region to business and leisure visitors, so I was flattered to get the call to shoot their latest campaign. About a dozen of Detroit’s movers and shakers were to be featured in print advertising. I knew my subjects would likely be rushed, probably sit through make up doing business on their mobile phones, and, depending on how their day was progressing, be either a breeze, or a ‘bit of a challenge’ to photograph.

We worked around the schedules of our subjects and I assured each as they arrived on set that I’d have them for five-minutes max. One said, “Oh sure, that’s what all you photographers say!” As the minutes clicked by one by one, my camera was clicking away and I was directing: “Look here, chin up, look up, no, that’s looking like a prom picture, smile less, smile more, I think we got it!”

All the while, the AD was watching the images appear one by one on the monitor (we almost always shoot tethered) so he could get a feel for when we had enough for him to work with. He’d give me a nod and I knew we were finished.

• “I wasn’t looking forward to this, you made it fun!” (Love it when the AD hears that!)
• “Under five minutes, impressive!” (Subtle grin.)
• “Thanks for making me relaxed, I hate being photographed.” (You were relaxed?)
• “Wow, we’re done already? That was fast!” (Time flies!)
• “Can I look at a few of the pictures?” (Of course.)
• “Is it OK to use one for my LinkedIn profile?” (Of course, with agency permission.)
• “You’re the best!” (Awwww shucks!)

Heard on set