The brilliant combination of talent and technology

Video production should be effortless.
Scale should never compromise quality.

Blake J. Discher, founder
Our wow(!) production crew

We hear it often, “Working with Firefly Studio on our video production was a dream!”  Our highly-experienced crew is what makes it happen.  In addition to pure knowledge, they bring along their smiling, ‘let’s get it done’ attitudes. Our task is to make the day run smoothly for you, your staff, and your office or facility. Last minute changes? No problem for our crew, we’re on it!

We're video experts

We could bore you with video jargon, and either impress you or bore you to tears, but we won’t. Because we know what you’re really after is a video that engages the viewer, encourage him or her to explore your brand or product.  When the day of the shoot arrives, we’ll have story-boarded the script and given you a run-of-day so you know exactly what to expect.  Leave the heavy lifting to us!

powered by technology

Technology is awesome, it helps to provide crisp, vibrant videos.  But without an experienced videographer behind the camera and a skilled crew, all the technology in the world won’t help. Using only the latest gear, and our collective skills, you can count on Firefly Studio to deliver a final product that superbly conveys your marketing message!

incredible post production

The second half of any production is ‘post’.  You’re with us every step of the way; using time-coded rough cuts to fine tune the final video. We know what you’re after is a smooth process from the initial recording through completion and that’s what we’ll deliver. You’ll learn why clients reach out to us for additional projects as they come up: they enjoyed working with us!


(No sound, intended for exhibit at Trade Shows)
CLIENT: Functional therapy unlimited
CLIENT: grosse pointe animal adoption society
short film: lemon lane
1st Place Winner: Comedy, 48-hour Film Festival


What’s your company’s ‘moment of magic’?

The sad truth is that being good is often not good enough. The main experiences the customers evangelize are the awful and the exceptional. Merely meeting industry standards isn’t enough to earn loyalty and brand ambassadors. Finding your brand of magic can be a difficult pursuit, but once you get it right, your customers aren’t going anywhere.

Steve Jobs on customer experience

From the beginning, Apple has designed products with the user’s experience in mind. It’s what set them apart in the 80’s and it’s what still drives their innovation today. This early look into Steve Jobs’ philosophy regarding customer experience gives an important taste of the formula for success that Apple has used to become one the most successful companies in history.