Detroit photographer Blake Discher

Rushed executives are the type we really impress. They appreciate how we get the job done right... every time.

Fueled by my love of the craft of photography, my goal is to ensure that that your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible. We do this by making certain we understand your needs and goals before we even pick up a camera. With attention to detail being the priority, my team and I work quickly and with minimal disruption to your place of business. Rushed executives are the type we really impress, they appreciate how we get the job done right... every time.

You need visual assets and you'll love how we tackle last minute "challenges"... if something goes wrong on-site, we're prepared: backup cameras, backup lighting, and backup patience(!) ... we show up prepared for any eventuality. If requested, you're able to review images in real time, while we're shooting. This facilitates immediate evaluation of the images and adjustments can be made if needed while we're still on-site, not two days later when you see a web gallery and wish we could have, "moved that plant in the background slightly to the left."

My passion for photography started in the eighth grade when I saw my first black-white-print slowly and magically appear as it floated the tray of developer in my junior high school's darkroom. Fast forward 20 years and I'm selling and marketing franchises for one of the country's largest quick-print franchisers. I bring that sales and marketing background to every job. My experience is an intangible asset clients often mention after the job is finished.

I've photographed a diverse bunch of characters: from comedienne Phyllis Diller to President Bill Clinton to harried executives for annual reports, billboards, brochures, and corporate publications. My work can be found in leading editorial publications and in advertising and the annual reports of Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. The Detroit News recognized me as a pioneer in the use of digital technology in the corporate photography arena. I'm a highly sought after lecturer on this topic to industry groups nationwide. And one more thing... my vice is Peeps. You know, those squishy marshmallow birds, bunnies, and pumpkins. Set me up with a package of Peeps and I'm like putty in your hands!


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I've assembled one of the best teams a photographer could hope for... these guys make me look good!