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Rushed executives are the type we really impress.
They appreciate how we get the job done right… every time.
Blake J. Discher, founder
Thorough Preparation

Fueled by my love of the craft of photography, my goal is to ensure that your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible. We do this by making certain we understand your needs and goals before we even pick up a camera. With attention to detail being the priority, my team and I work quickly and with minimal disruption to your place of business. Rushed executives are the type we really impress; they appreciate how we get the job done right. Every time.

challenges? Pffffft!

You need visual assets and you’ll love how we tackle last minute “challenges”… if something goes wrong on-site, we’re prepared: backup cameras, backup lighting, and backup patience! We show up ready for any eventuality. If requested, you’re able to review images in real time, while we’re shooting. This facilitates immediate evaluation of the images and adjustments can be made if needed while we’re still on-site, not two days later when you see a web gallery and wish we could have, “moved that plant in the background slightly to the left.”

Non-disruptive + fast

You’ll love the fact that we get that you have a business to run, and it can’t stop for us. We work quickly and efficiently so as to disrupt your operation as little as possible. It’s the intangibles that make a difference: power cords are taped to the floor and light stands in traffic areas are delineated with bright yellow tape. We keep chatter to a minimum during set-up and tear-down. In short, we’re pros!

WE've seen it all!

I’ve photographed a diverse bunch of characters: from comedienne Phyllis Diller to President Bill Clinton to harried executives for annual reports, billboards, brochures, and corporate publications. My work can be found in leading editorial publications and in advertising and the annual reports of Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. The Detroit News recognized me as a pioneer in the use of digital technology in the corporate photography arena.

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.
alfred eisenstadt
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Firefly Studio creates compelling still images and short films to help our clients accomplish their marketing goals and enhance their public image.

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One of the top

Detroit Photographers

, Blake Discher works to create great Detroit executive headshots and portraits for editorial, advertising and corporate clients. He combines his professional experience and photographic knowledge with today's technology to create lasting iconic images. His work can be found in leading editorial publications and in advertising and annual reports for Fortune 500 corporations worldwide.

Detroit Corporate Photographers

| He'll make you look great; Blake and his staff understand your desire to produce an award-winning annual report, brochure, or corporate publication.. He and his team will help you do just that. His capabilities and experience allow him to easily work with busy executives and his team's ability to assist with makeup, styling or any issues that may arise unexpectedly enables him to create lasting images for your use.

Detroit Video Production

| A Detroit videographer will always bring a crew consisting of a makeup artist and assistant to help with the shoot. The assistant helps with transporting and setting up lights for the portable business portrait studio and the makeup artist helps you look as good as you can for camera without looking like you have any makeup on. Even a corporate photo needs a little makeup. If you wish to have a Detroit video production with the same results as those you see in my porfolio, makeup is very much a part of the end result.

Detroit Editorial Photographers

| Blake Discher serves the Greater Detroit areas: Ann Arbor, Warren, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, Kalamazoo, Southfield, Battle Creek, and Traverse City.